Master of Numerology and Feng Shui


Numerology was first found and used in ancient China thousands of years ago.  Taoist masters, prophets, and sages studied it and used it to predict one’s successes and failures, good and bad things: wealth, power, fame, love, career, relationship, marriage, lawsuit, accident, disaster, disease, etc..


At the moment when we were born, we had absorbed the universal energies of Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Soil, Metal, and Water), as well as all the good and bad energies due to the positioning amount the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and other planets in our solar system.  Our personal energy field keeps changing as time goes by.  If we can keep our energy field in balance, we will have good health and good fortune, and will attract prosperity.  Otherwise, we will have misfortune.  The science we study and use to balance our personal energy field is called Numerology.


A house or a building would also absorb Five Elements and all available energies at the time when we first started building it.  They have destinies like everyone has, and has energy field as everybody has.  The science we study and use to balance the energy field for your house or office is called Feng Shui.


But Feng Shui energy should not be adjusted unless you have already adjusted and balanced your personal energy field.  Otherwise, the Feng Shui energy may take you to the opposite direction.  For example, every Feng Shui Master knows that Water represent money, they usually use an aquarium to attract Water energy to enhance wealth.  But, some of them don’t know that you might born with a lot of Water energy and your energy field right now already has exceed Water, then you should not use any more Water energy.  Otherwise, you will waste your money, or even bankrupt.  In this case, to attract more money to you, you should use the Soil energy to against your exceed Water energy, or just enhance your Main Element (the Main Element is calculated based on your birthday and time, and your birth place).


I am a Master of ancient Chinese Taoism, a professional Master of Numerology and Feng Shui.  I will decode your numerology and tell you:


  1. The Main Element you have in your personal energy field.
  2. The elements you need to add to enhance your energy.
  3. The elements you need to reduce to balance your energy.
  4. Your lucky colors that enhance your energy.
  5. Your lucky numbers that enhance your energy.
  6. The position of your office desk you should place in order to absorb the energy you actually need to attract prosperity.
  7. The direction of your bed you should place for receiving good energies to enhance your personal energy field.
  8. The kinds of ornaments you should wear for good lucks.


I usually charge $180 if you stop by my office and ask for the above service.  Right now, I am doing this on-line, in this promotion I would only charge you $40.  Please let all your friends know that I am doing this on-line for $40!  You can place your order:


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